It's very important to understand what's going on in your games and how players actually play your game. With this simple integration you can use Google Analytics with all your PICO-8 games (HTML export version) and track events according to your reporting needs.

The actual code and setup instructions can be found on Github:


Example cart: In the cart above you can see an example in action. After booting up, this PICO-8 cart will fire two events (with a few seconds of delay in between). You can watch the events getting fired and sent to Google Analytics by using a Chrome browser and having this Analytics Debugger Plugin installed and active.


Setup: On Github you will find all the necessary code and steps explained. Getting the Analytics plugin to work is very easy:

  1. Add some code to your PICO-8 game (just 144 tokens needed).
  2. Add a code snippet from Google Analytics to your exported game HTML file
  3. Add a small code snippet from the pico-8 analytics plugin to the same file.

Done! You can now track events in your game by using a simple event() function.

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