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Very nice and simple game! The design of each level was thoughtful given that you could only jump up. Was definitely challenging but enjoyed it none the less.

Feel free to try my game, Beneath, and tell me what you think!

very good puzzle platformer. i like the it that you need your enemies to pass level.

fun game! good gimmick, when it said 'stuck? <-+->' then i presed -> and then he said 'i can only jump' i thought 'TROLL ALERT' then i figured it out =)  

Challenging game, I wouldn't be surprised if this game annoyed someone. gg

Great game, didn't get very far but i enjoyed it. Love the art syle!

Made me want to pull my teeth out 👍
adding to collection

I love the artstyle, nice idea and great puzzles.

the download is a wallpaper!

where is the game?

I introduced your game.

That's really cool! Tesekkürler!

Rica ederim. / You’re welcome!

Türk müsünüz?

Hayir. ama bir kaç kelime anlıyorum. 

Çok sevindim. ^^

got frustrating quick! love it. good bye controllers


left+right or enter/p->retry level

the enemies do be looking kinda sus

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No, I can't climb this mountain 😂💀

wait. the code, is that the .p8 file? if so, people can just go to and find upward, then download the cart...

good a good idea fantastic

very fun well done!

Amazing! You're the best!


Nice job! Cute little game.


200 deaths, 34minutes. There are a lot of really tight jumps

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i wish the retry buttons didnt take so long, tho the concept FOR the retry buttons are cute

very cute game so far tho

oh! very good game made with pico8!


It's actually kind of amazing that you found an original spin on the age old platforming formula. I also liked the twist in the middle. Congratulations on making this game, excellent stuff.

Can't launch the game. It tells me it's an unauthorised browser

Please try again now. Have updated the game to fix the problem.

Indeed, it works now. Thanks !


I would agree with Fransouski's comment about the level design. I found that there is usually only one way to traverse through a level and if I missed any step, I would have to start over. There was no adapting to failure, you just had to start over. Other than that, I thought you did an excellent job at introducing the game mechanics and challenges, especially when you introduced the cannons. I can imagine that designing a game where you can only jump can be challenging, but honestly, I thought you did a good job with this game. Most jumping games have only direction, up, however you broke that boundary by challenging the player to go in four different directions.


The game is telling me I pirated it lol. I downloaded it using the itch app.

Please try again now. Have updated the game to fix the problem.

I just got to play it there. It is a pretty cool game. Adding to collection.

I love this game. I love how simple the design was. I also liked how you were only force to be able to jump and use the level environment around you to achieve your goal. My only thing was the silence was killing me a bit, so some music would have been nice in the levels. Overall I still thought the game was fun.  I showcase this in my first wave of season 2 of Indie Game Showcase.

The concept is reaaaly cool but if I had a feedback, the level design is a little boring : It demands to just wait and if you have not the good timing, you restart and wait again. And also it is too punitive, it demands you really THE good timing, otherwise you crush the white guy for exemple and you're force to restart


Here is a speed run. Who can beat me? :D:D:D


Where are the .exe files and other downloads? 


This game is so awesome! And that plot-twist was the icing on the cake! o-o


Port this to android plz xD


Simple and awesome! It would be great mobile game


Finally got to play this. It's REALLY cool!  Whilst being simple, it's clever too.

You do realise I may have to rip you off for a C64 game. :P


Yessss!! Took me nearly 40 minutes, that was awesome! That surprise at what I thought was the end totally caught me off guard, that was great!


I can see this one tap game on mobile. Other than music; it is great. With a little more polish I think you can make it to mobile.


Hey! Played this on my channel, it's way harder than it looks. o-o


i love this!! ngl it was pretty tough for me. haha. thanks for sharing! 🍊


a very clean experience! feels very modern, esp for pico 8


I feel threatened to post a comment lol I don't