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for anyone wondering, no it doesn't get better

Glad you like it!



The gravity in this game is like the game itself: lacking.


There is no gravity. It’s a platformer done in a top down adventure engine. Thanks for playing. 

That's the catch: there is no game either!

can i have a .bitsy file download of this for BitsyBox?

bitsybox by Adam Le Doux

I like it this just put a simlle on my face but the gravity is a little bit strange was that on purpose?


Yes, as this is done in an engine that is meant for adventure-/zelda-style games. :)

omgg! im developping a little super mario world demake on bitsy 😂 your game is so good !! very interesting to treat bitsy as platformer! and the gameboy skin is a great idea!!

how did you add the game console around it?

can you make a downloadable html with the gravity? i tried borksy and :l its hard XD

Oh my god, the ending is so very cute. It’s a very cool bitsy, I like how you tried doing plateforming stuff with bitsy.

Deleted 1 year ago

you can, they did use bitsy, look in the credits

Amazing! One of the bests bitsy games!!

Thank you!

This game is super neat, the music fits it perfectly :)

Interesting game, I like the music and the sound effects but it is very repetitive. It would be neat if you could use the buttons on the "Pocket Boy" to move.

I liked it. The gameplay is pretty repetitive, but I definitely have the same soft spot for Super Mario Land that you do.


this is so cool! 


Hi. I made a gameplay video of your game. Enjoy.

Very nice. Thanks for doing this. (^_^)


I was not expecting to be able to play this on my phone, that was a suprise to me!