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This game certainly has something too it, and i can see you put some work into it. The controls feel pretty clunky however, and I don't feel like it would really be worth my dosh. Good work all the same.

Hey, just letting you know your anti-piracy system tells me to play it on though I'm using the official client app for windows anyhow I don't know how you could go about fixing it since I don't know anything about Pico development anyhow I enjoy the games you make

Thanks - will look into it.


I made a 100% completion video for your game.


Really fun idea and well executed! I'm suprised i didn't know browser games worked on phones i feel I've been missing out!


It looks awesome! Funny simple concept and really entertaining. I'd personally like a level selector, since I had to leave the game at level 30 and know I can't bring myself to do that all over again...
It also felt like the levels dragged on a bit long for me. Like, it looks cool, but some feel unnecesary.


Really good! To say that the visuals are awesome would be an understatement. I haven't even heard the sound yet (just played it muted), but I bet it's awesome too. All in all an amazing games, saving this for sure.

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i keep forgeting witch of X/C is forward. nice game.

P.S. great menu music.


This is a really awesome game, great stuff!


Nice work m8